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5 Steps To Becoming A Gin Connoisseur


    Do you love drinking gin? Are you interested to know all about it? Do you know the flavor of every bottle when you see the gin labels? If the answer is yes, then maybe you are a few steps away in becoming a gin connoisseur. If you want to be one, then this article will be very helpful for you.

    Know Its Origin

    Being a Gin connoisseur means you are an expert, and you know all about gin. Therefore, you should know where this drink came from or its origin. Gin was popularized in England, but its origin was rooted in a Dutch drink called ‘Jenever’ or ‘Genever.’ It is a Belgian and Dutch liquor that is used before as medicine in war.  Since then, the popularity of gin increases, and until now, it is still well-received in the modern era. You can still find it in most bars and usually served as it is or mixed with different flavors. 

    How It Is Made

    Gin is a distilled alcohol, and its primary component is the juniper berries. The flavor is also spice up by different botanical infused in its formulation. The gin is usually compared with vodka since both have similar appearances. However, in terms of flavors, vodka is typically clear and tasteless, while gin has a distinct flavor of juniper and botanical infusions.  

    You Know How To Enjoy It

    Since you love gin the most and regard it highly, you should know how to enjoy it. You should also know how to properly drink gin and know what good gin tastes like. As a gin connoisseur, you should know or recommend a place with good gin if someone asks you. Hence, its very important that you have the talent to tell if gin is good or bad.

    Know The Classics And Other Gin Labels

    As an expert, you should be familiar with the classic gin and other new gin labels. Classic combinations like gin and tonic are still one of the favorites and sometimes most requested in the counter. New bars and restaurants are also giving their best in providing excellent gin. As a connoisseur, you must know how to level up your drinks by adding different fruits and garnish. You should know how to experiment with the gin flavors so that you can heighten your drinking experience. 


    Before you can say that you are a gin connoisseur or expert, you should have tasted different kinds of gin. By tasting many types of gin, you would build the experience needed to know the different tastes of this liquor. You might even find some unique things that you never tried before. 


    Being a gin connoisseur is a pleasant experience, especially if you enjoy drinking alcohol with your family and friends. If you are interested in being one, do not be afraid and enjoy the different kinds of gin this word has to offer. Cheers!