5 Key Interior Design Styles

The real estate in Edmonton is known to associate these unique styles of interior design in their houses. These different designs of awe and wonder will help you pick the style that best defines your personality.

  • Scandinavian

The scandi style is picked up from the majestic Nordic countries of snow, mountain, and fjords; specifically Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, where most of the time, the climate is freezing. The design takes up white walls, wooden floorboards, and modern furniture – keeping the surroundings simple and investing in good quality products. It doesn’t only make rooms look elegant and beautiful, but the cool atmosphere also compels you to relax and admire its grace.

  • Eclectic

A blend of color, time periods, and trends. This is the style where you inject your personality in and show yourself through the art of designing. Although with this style, plenty of people easily get carried away and instead make the room distorted with too much stuff. You need to place each piece where attention is evenly called for. They also have to complement and blend with each other. Once you’ve done this, you’re slowly paving the room for your chosen theme.

  • Industrial

If you’re not into gentle and soothing, then the Industrial Style might just be for you. Designed with brick walls, metal beams, and stone floors, this raw and ragged style will put you to work. Adding up statement lights will soften the place up and give it warmth. Also, industrial methods might not be everyone else’s type. You can add paintings and rugs to make the area feel welcoming and inviting for you and your guests.

  • Vintage

Old but classy, vintage is known for its incredible versatility. No matter what interior aesthetic you’re after, adding a vintage piece would be a right call. Contemporizing your interior with a fabulous vintage cabinet or storage unit adds style to the room while still being practical. The best vintage interiors avoid looking excessively delicate while still keeping the clutter to a minimum. Increase your creativity and showcase any books, trinkets, and vintage accessories with open shelves.

  • Minimalist

Less is more. The minimalist trend has been taking the world by storm with its Japanese inspired design that centers on simplicity. The essence of minimalist interiors are vital elements, and making a statement comes in easy by just emptying up some space. The best colors to use are black, white, and primary colors. Color in minimalist interiors should not be overly used since the idea here is to not detract from its simplicity.

Furniture trends come and go, but these key styles can withstand challenges of time. The designs inspired Edmonton real estate to their peak creativity so customers can decide with confidence.