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3 Common Defenses in Criminal Courts in Jacksonville, Florida

    Criminal law faces the grittiest cases the job has to offer: it tackles every crime, from breaking and entering to assault and homicide. While criminal justice attorneys stand for the victims, defense Attorney Jacksonville fl are there to prove that the system works by making sure that the defendant will not be punished based on insufficient evidence and improper procedures. Here are three of the most common defenses in Jacksonville, Florida’s criminal courts:


    An alibi defense will provide the jury with a reasonable doubt that you were in the vicinity of the crime when it happened. You and your defense attorney will be able to use this defense by filing a Notice of Alibi 10 days before the trial stating where you were during the time of the offense and the list of names and witnesses to prove your alibi.

    Involuntary Intoxication

    Involuntary toxication applies if an offense was committed under intoxication that was by all means not of your own doing. This applies to taking medication prescribed by a physician (in the proper prescribed amount; this defense can’t be used if you took more than what was prescribed) and being so intoxicated that intents, consequences and so and so become incoherent. Voluntary intoxication, on the other hand, is prohibited as a defense.


    This defense is used when you find yourself in a situation with no other choice than to commit an offense. It must be raised with sufficient evidence to prove you acted out of necessity. The jury must find that there was danger not caused by you and threatened to harm you and possibly others and that the harm caused by committing an offense is outweighed by the harm that the imminent danger would’ve caused.

    Criminal courts in Jacksonville, Florida allow other common defenses to criminal charges such as conflict in or lack of evidence, insanity, and self-defense. If you or someone you know is charged with a criminal offense and is yet to be on trial, call a defense lawyer now to help plan out the appropriate defenses.