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4 Common FAQs About ESTA

    An automated system under the VWP (Visa Waiver Program), an ESTA determines the eligibility of travelers to travel to the US. However, even if you have an authorized ESTA, it does not decide whether or not you apply to the United States. To know more, read further.

    How long is my ESTA valid?

    Usually, the validity for your travel authorizations is only two years from the date is was authorized until the expiration of your passport, whichever comes first. However, ESTAs also have the possibility of being overwritten or revoked by the applicant, especially when trying to resubmit a new application form. If ever your passport expires before the two-year period ends, you will automatically have a terminated travel authorization.

    Is an ESTA like a visa?

    No, it is not since it does not meet the regulatory or legal requirements needed to serve in the replacement of a visa for the US. Additionally, the United States law also requires a visa. Individuals still have the eligibility to travel to the US if they possess a valid visa, but only for the purpose for which they issued the permit. They also don’t need to apply for an ESTA. Furthermore, your ESTA is not a valid replacement for either an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa.

    What is a visa Waiver program?

    To have the permission of entry, you will need authorization through several legal documents. Visa waiver programs are processes that help you get the required approval for admission to a foreign country without having to involve an intermediary. You will only have to provide all the necessary documents listed when applying for an ESTA online. After paying the amount for the rendered ESTA services, tourists a 90 day to a two-year visa for the US. Because the conduction of the entire process is virtual, you will save yourself the trouble of traveling to different offices or asking for a day off.

    What should an applicant do if he or she is not approved to travel with ESTA?

    If you have a denied ESTA applications and the travel wishes for the trip to continue, they will have to apply for a non-immigrant visa. They must attend an interview at a Consulate or a US Embassy as well as complete a DS-160 form.

    The application for ESTA only collects answers and biographic information to eligibility questions under the VWP. You can submit applications any time before travel, although some recommend that visitors start applying as soon as they have prepared travel plans in check before buying airline tickets.