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Main Reasons for Low Water Pressure

    Home water pressure problems can arise in many different ways, all of which can be very frustrating!


    Faucets can consume a lot more time than usual to fill up the bathtub or a sink, or a shower may not be able to give you a massive and robust spray as you desire. Your washing machine or a dishwasher may take more time to run a cycle than it should generally take.


    If the issue of low water pressure persists with only one tap or faucet, the problem is likely with the faucet not with the whole plumbing system. But if the problem is widespread and the entire house is suffering from it, you might call a plumber immediately.


    You must call an affordable plumbing service provider to help you fight the low water pressure. Now let’s discuss the leading causes for the little water pressure:


    Old Steel Pipes:

    The most expensive and potential reason for low water pressure can be the old galvanized water steel pipes. The pipes usually corrode from the inside so you can generally see the corrosion, but bypassing the time, the corrosion can build up in the pipes.


    Failing of Pressure Regulator:

    Another common reason for the water pressure problems can be a faulty pressure-reducing valve or a pressure regulator. The pressure regulator is used to regulate and control the input pressure in the plumbing system safe level that won’t damage your pipe system.


    Main House Shutoff Valve:

    The main house shutoff valve is located inside the house near the main supply pipe enters the house through the main foundation wall. The main shutoff valve can be remaining partially closed after some repair or stuff, which may cause low water pressure in the house. Check it out!

    Just call the affordable plumbing service provider and get the job done on time!