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About The Coalition For American Veterans

    Founded by concerned Americans, The Coalition for American Veterans is a Super PAC that champions veterans. Our objective is to establish a formidable grassroots movement that utilizes its support to address veterans’ issues. By raising their challenges and only supporting leaders that do so, we bring the problems faced by our ex-armed forces to the forefront of our national conversation.

    At every stage in our lives, our honorable armed forces have defended our country and sacrificed their lives to guarantee our security. But, in most cases, our leaders have let them down by ignoring debate and legislation around veterans’ problems. The Coalition for American Veterans is pulling together concerned Americans to urge our leaders to fight for the rights of our veterans.

    Our primary goal is to ensure that our veterans are heard and represented. We are pursuing this goal in the following ways:

    First, we are bringing together Americans to demand that our elected officials address the challenges faced by our veterans. Grassroots advocacy is needed to force our leaders to act. Our veterans spent years fighting for our country. Despite the fact they sacrificed selflessly, some more than we could possibly imagine, their problems are ignored by our leaders. Our organization is rallying citizens to urge our leaders to do what is right for our veterans.

    Our second goal is to mobilize support for candidates who are dedicated to supporting veterans. By doing this, we hope to inspire the election of leaders who will look into the challenges faced by veterans and propose robust policies and benefits that protect their needs.

    Finally, we support veterans who run for office. A leader with a military background has a first-hand understanding of the challenges experienced by our veterans. This experience can provide a sense of urgency on the issues, extra insight into the problems faced, and a clear course of action to achieve the rights of veterans. Such leadership is likely to spur the creation of laws that protect the rights and benefits that our veterans deserve. To build up support for veteran issues, we need representation from Americans with military and service backgrounds, hence our support for veterans vying for office.

    Our organization encourages the support and protection of our veterans. Let us come together to give our veterans the dignified life they deserve for their sacrifices.

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