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Simple Glass Scratch Removal Tips For Every Homeowner

    Having glass furniture at home significantly turns any living space into a cool, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing look. However, your glass coffee and/or dining table, no matter how appalling it may look, can also be prone to scratches, and a single scratch instantly gets rid of that sophisticated look.

    The good news is, there are a few glass scratch removal tips you can always consider, and they’re relatively straightforward:


    For Light Glass Scratches


    1. With a window cleaner, clean the glass surface. If you don’t have one, you can make use of a vinegar and lemon solution, partnered with a newspaper, and dry it off with a kitchen roll.


    1. Use either a metal polish or any whitening toothpaste and gently rub with a soft washcloth in small, circular motions.


    1. Finally, get rid of the excess polish or toothpaste with a clean washcloth.


    For Deep Glass Scratches


    If you’ve tried the method above and the scratch is still visible, here’s what you can do:


    1. Use furniture wax polish and use it to fill in the scratches. Leave it until it dries. Once it’s completely dried, buff the area using a clean washcloth.


    1. If it’s still there, you may opt to use a scratch repair kit, usually found in auto stores. These scratch repair kits are often used for car windscreens, and this might do the trick.


    When To Call The Professionals


    If you’re in doubt, and if you think that the glass scratch removal tips mentioned above might do more damage than fix it, it’s time to call the professionals. Always remember, if you don’t have any experience doing this before, or if you’re worried that you’re not doing the right thing, follow your gut feeling and let the professionals handle this. This is the safest and easiest way to deal with those scratched glass surfaces. The professionals can work their magic and turn back your old glass table’s glory back to what it used to.