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The Top 4 Most Common Misconceptions about USA ESTA

    The US ESTA visa is something that could be very convenient to use for new and old travelers alike because it is fast and easy to get. However, it cannot be evident for some people, especially those who are novices when it comes to traveling.

    Below are some of the most common misconceptions about this particular type of travel document and the truth behind these erroneous statements. If you’re interested to learn more about them, please do not hesitate to continue reading.

    • It Can Be Extended

    The first misconception about USA ESTA is its ability to be extended. Some people think that they can apply for an extension once the allotted travel schedule expires. However, this is not the case. Once you use it, you will receive your application within 24 hours via e-mail or snail mail.

    After this, you can submit the filled application and wait for the approval. As soon as you are approved, you can look at the documentation you will receive regarding the validity of the waiver itself. Officially, this travel authorization document is known to be valid for at least two years at 90-day travel intervals.

    • The ESTA Being a Visa

    The next misconception about this document has to do with its nature. Some people consider it as an authentic visa. However, it is NOT. It is a visa waiver. The application process for the ESTA is vastly different from a typical US visa application. The former is faster and wholly done online, while the latter takes a significant amount of time to process.

    • The Document is Only Valid within the US.

    The ESTA visa waiver will retain its validity outside of the US. This is imperative. Your visa waiver should always be approved before you arrive in the States, mainly because you will be presenting it instead of an actual visa.

    You also have to take note of the duration of your trip. As per the number of days required for an ESTA Visa to be considered valid when traveling, any applicant, when approved, has 90 days to spend in the US. Remember not to exceed those 90 days.

    • One Can Get Work in the US Using the ESTA Visa

    You will be able to work in the US via the ESTA visa. This idea is another misconception that most ESTA visa holders have. You are not allowed to work while staying in the US for 90 days using the waiver itself.


    Here are just some of the major misconceptions that people have about the ESTA visa. We hope that we were able to educate you regarding what surreal and what’s not about this particular travel document. If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to visit this website as soon as possible.